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    Stainless Steel Commercial Water Ionizer with 1000 L/hour output
    Company Certification:BV, TUV, ISO9001:2008Product Name:Commercial Water Ionizer
    Size:L105*W75*H200cmFeature:Large Capacity
    Product Name:Commercial Water IonizerPlates Material:Titanium With Platinum Coating
    Size:L105*W75*H200cmPH Level:5~10
    Voltage:220V/380V/440VRequired Water Source:Municipal Water Or Well Water
    Plates Material:Titanium With Platinum CoatingProtection(Auto Shut Off):Low/High Water Pressure, overheat
    PH Level:5~10Required Water Source:Municipal Water Or Well Water
    Protection(Auto Shut Off):Low/High Water Pressure, overheat
    The machine housing is made of #304 stainless steel—–Strong protection and never rust.
    Looking more professional and elegant.
    Coming with Easy installation and Operation system.
    Continuously Working large capactity water ionizer with 1000L/h alkaline or acidic water outputting. The PH value of the ionized water is between 5.0 and 10.
    The Plates usage life is more than 15000 hours.
    The packing size is L105*W75*H200cm.
    Working Condition
    Source Water: The source water meets the standard of your country and the rigidity is less than 100mg/L and the water pressure is between 0.1 and 0.25Mpar. The rigidity of municipal water is less than 100mg/L according with national standards and the water pressure is more than 0.3Mpar.
    The working environment temperature can be from 5 to 40掳C
    The humidity should be less than 80%.
    The net weight is around 280KG including the following fittings: 2 switches, 1 fuse, instructions for ORP, pH, conductivity, several plastic parts.
    Acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water, low PH value (5.0 or less) and high ORP (+1100 mv or above), beyond the scope of various pathogenic micro-organisms to survive and make cell membrane potential change, leading to cell membrane permeability-increasing and the destruction of cell metabolism enzymes, microbes quickly die. Meanwhile, the acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water and contains 50-80mg / L of chlorine to more effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms.
    A. For industrial/commercial use:
    Producing precise pH for various using. And can meet the large water output requirement. It could incoporate to the industrial water treatment/purification system.
    B. For the farm use:
    (1) Can keep the cattles healthy, keep their furs shining, and improve the milk production.
    (2) Can control and offer prevention of fruits, vegetables and other plants from a variety of diseases, alternative chemical pesticides;
    (3) Could effectively degrade the surface of plant pesticide residues;
    (4) Could effectively kill the seeds carried by micro-organisms and fungi;
    (5) Can be suitably modified alkaline soil.
    C. For restaurants, food plants use:
    Improve the food taste, and keep the nutritions in the vagetables and meats.
    D. For directly drinking:
    With the smaller molecule, the water is easily absorbed by the body.
    Keep body pH balance and avoid the sub-health and diseases.
    Water Storage conditions:
    (1) Water storage containers to be sealed;
    (2) To avoid direct exposure to light;
    (3) The storage ambient temperature is not greater than 40 Celsius;
    Under these conditions, the alkaline & acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water could be stored for at least 90 days.
    Safety Emissions: acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water in irrigation or placed after a certain time, be able to restore its own ordinary water, and plants were polluting the environment and residual.
    Place of Origin:China
    Brand Name:EHM
    Model Number:EHM-1000
    Certification:TUV, ISO9001
    Working Mode:Continuous
    Weight:280 KG
    Water Pressure:0.1-0.25MPa
    Water Flow:1000L/h
    electrolyzed slot life:鈮?5000h
    Ambient Temperature:5鈩儈40鈩?/p>
    Atmosphere Pressure:86kPa~106kPa
    Source waterMunicipal water according with national standards
    Rigidity<100mg/L, water pressure 鈮?.3Mpar
    Fittings2 switches +1 fuse+ instructions for orp+ph+conductivity+several plastic parts+ a lock which is for the back door (to avoid the shipping damage, we will don鈥檛 install it)
    EHM Group Ltd, has been specializing in water treatment & healthcare products for many years. With years of endeavor, EHM has developed to be a manufacturing, selling, and after-sale service integrated Hi-tech enterprise.
    EHM Group Ltd own comfortable working environment, sophisticated production and testing equipments, excellent quality management and a solidary & high efficient management team. We are in chase of strict management, super-level quality. Our company and factory has passed the BV, TUV, and ISO9001:2008 certificates. Most of our products passed CE certificates and SGS tests. At the same time, we possess design patents of some of them. Our products and EHM brand have won great reputation both domestic and abroad, we established partnership with a lot of brand-renowned companies, internationally, and our products are sold to Europe, North & South America, Africa and Southeast Asia over 50 countries and regions.
    Pursuing the management idea of "Technology as root, staffs as fundamentality", we will try our best to meet customers' requirements. We can meet the newest needs and create the value for clients by leading market, advanced technology and equipments, excellent work arts, good quality and supply chain. For its vendor, the benefits of EHM ability and high-tech manufacturing solutions include substantially shortened time-to-market, low manufacturing cost, improved asset utilization, optimized product, flexible cooperation forms and various preferential policy of government. EHM is dedicated to providing its vendor with consistently high level of service and innovative solutions in product engineering, cost, reliability and on-time delivery.
    To assure that highest quality standards are met, Design For Quality, Design For Reliability and Design For Safety technologies are implemented throughout product development. Our workers are trained to understand E-healthmanufacturer(EHM) quality commitment and become a part of the total quality solution. As a part of our commitment to continuous improvement, the Customer Satisfaction Surveys uses the input to constantly upgrade its performance levels.
    Welcome OEM/ODM orders.China Commercial Water Ionizer
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