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    3 weeks, 3 days ago
    Rubber mount for vibrating screen, mainly used for vibration reduction, including rubber bracket, composite rubber bracket, steel spring.
    Rubber mount for vibrating screen, it’s a kind of high elastomer, making natural rubber. The elastic modulus of rubber spring is small, and it has large elastic deformation after loading, so as to absorb shock and vibration. It can be subjected to multidirectional loads at the same time, but its high temperature resistance and oil resistance are worse than those of steel springs. Oil-resistant rubber can be used for special requirements. The product has good vibration reduction effect, small resonance field, long service life, low cost, good cold resistance, excellent air tightness, waterproof, electrical insulation, and is the best choice for vibration reduction.
    Rubber spring is usually used in vibrating screen equipment, vibration platform, vibration feeder and other equipment, not only resistant to extrusion wear, bearing effect is very good. As a vibration isolator, it has better stability, lower noise and better damping effect.Rubber Mount suppliers
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