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    About Product
    Sand 3D Printing uses either sandstone or artificial sand, commonly referred to as silica sand as material.
    About Process
    Binder jetting (BJ) is a relatively new 3D printing technology. BJ 3D printers make use of powders, which are bound together with liquid binder agents to make solid parts. In this sense, you can think of BJ as a combination of SLS and material jetting.
    The element of SLS that is clearly visible in BJ is, of course, the use of powder. The particles are bound together using binder droplets, which are jetted out of the print head, making BJ similar to material jetting.
    Properties & Specifications
    鈼?Max build size: 200 x 150 x 80 cm
    鈼?Heat-caused disorders are not present
    鈼?Fast speed
    鈼?Allows for printing bigger parts
    鈼?Cost-effective production of complexly-shaped parts is possible
    鈼?Unused powder is 100% recyclable
    Common Applications
    鈼?Detailed molds
    鈼?Elaborate pattern designscheap Sand 3D Printing Service
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